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Unleash Your Potential

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As you know, I constantly evangelize claiming your identity and the necessity to do so in order to be happy.  When we seek to claim our identity, one of the things we often confuse is the goal of unleashing our potential.  Potential is something that we deserve for reach for, and we are far more able to get there than we realize.  Instead of thinking in black and white terms, we need to start seeing things in color.  We can explore this by getting out of own way and being willing to exit the ever-so-familiar comfort zone. Focus on your potential In order to really unleash your potential in this life, you need to identify on your phase in life.  Don’t focus on where another person is; certainly do not set your sites on being ”just like” another person.  When you focus on other people, you can fail to see…

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Finding your Identity and Sharing it is a way to Empowerment!

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It is up to you to claim your identity. Decide what you believe in, what you stand for and what you are passionate about. If you are not sure, try things. Get uncomfortable, and then you will know you have begun some path of discovery. It is only with discovery of self, others, and our world, that we can truly learn what we need to know about what really makes us tick. What turns us on is vital to establishing identity. Be proactive, this matters so that you can know who the person is you are about to love. That person is you.

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