This new radio show will be called Straight UP Sex Talk! and a movement across the globe is about to be launched.

Linzi will be taking this show into areas of identity, pain, suffering, equality, pleasure, health, wellness, safety, prevention, protection, life, death, choices, freedom, rights, clarity and bliss. Self-esteem will always be foundational in all issues that Linzi will address, because a sexual identity cannot be addresses without learning about one’s self-esteem.

Linzi will deliver you a show that finally allows a global platform for all of us to become more aware and certainly compassionate about sexuality and its direct correlation to esteem. NOTHING IS TABOO.

It is time to change the world. You have just joined a movement. Lives are being lost if we do not address these issues.

Let the MOVEMENT begin.

email: [email protected]

phone: 925-918-2547

twitter: twitter/straightupsexxx

  • Life Coach
  • Nationally Acclaimed Radio Host (IHeartRadio)’s chosen Relationship Coach On Call
  • Chosen Coach on WOR710, NYam #1 station
  • Sexuality Advocate and Educator
  • Certified Relationship Specialist
  • Certified in Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Motivational Speakeer
  • Ordained Minister

I am Linzi Levinson.  I have worked for years seeing clients with a specialization in relationship work, identity work, sexuality and sexual identity.  The LGBTQ-POLY community is one that I remain passionate about and can certainly offer help in challenging situations that involve intimacy, sexual connection, identity, and the enhancement of pleasure.  These all connect directly back to self-esteem.

As a Life Coach, I offer coaching in all areas of life and nothing is taboo.  I offer relational coaching, identity coaching, and sexuality coaching whether they are actual issues that involve your sexual identity, or issues regarding sex and intimacy that you need help with.

This can be done online, by phone or email,  and with total discretion and confidentiality.  I am glad to meet with you in person if that is a possibility.

I am half way through the completion of a PhD program and remain passionate about higher education.