As you know, I constantly evangelize claiming your identity and the necessity to do so in order to be happy.  When we seek to claim our identity, one of the things we often confuse is the goal of unleashing our potential.  Potential is something that we deserve for reach for, and we are far more able to get there than we realize.  Instead of thinking in black and white terms, we need to start seeing things in color.  We can explore this by getting out of own way and being willing to exit the ever-so-familiar comfort zone.

Focus on your potential

In order to really unleash your potential in this life, you need to identify on your phase in life.  Don’t focus on where another person is; certainly do not set your sites on being ”just like” another person.  When you focus on other people, you can fail to see where and who you are.  Potential is about achieving where you want to go, so stumbling by getting de-focused just does not serve us.  If you have left your own path, your energy and time can be wasted.  You will not be able to navigate correctly if you jump onto another’s path while trying to get to your goal.  When you focus and remain on your own path, you’ll take flight, and the adrenaline rush is amazing!  That does not mean you won’t fail, because you will, but remember that every failing moment, is a learning moment.  Don’t let failure scare you, fear is the greatest obstacle standing in the way of where you are and where you want to be.

Educate the Mind

The brain loves to be stimulated.  Most people are not getting enough stimulation to their brain.  This is why people turn towards mindless activities and pointless repetition.  This can include things such gaming, all forms of the internet,  spending too much time on social networks, and even addictions and compulsions.  When you start to educate your mind, you begin to discover new things.  You begin to unlock pieces of the puzzle that you did not have before.  This perpetuates curiosity, causing people to question things.  This leads to the greatest gift of all, wisdom.

Don’t Be Held Back

Comfort Zones really hold people back from reaching their potential. You are the only one that can break that cycle. You have the right to do something great. The choice is yours, what will you do? You can reach out and start taking action today. It may be by picking up a book, researching your passions, joining causes you believe in, or it may be by talking to the smartest people you know. The goal is to learn, grow, and then share. Collaboration is expansive, and you get wiser and healthier from having engaged.

Believe in Yourself

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do in life, you must believe in yourself.  If you continue to explore and develop who you are, then you will continue to grow.  Growth and understanding of our truth, is what makes us who we are.  Truth-tellers and truth-listeners will be transformed daily.  It is these people who have identity, walk with truth and strive for growth, who will be transformed into leaders, mentors, teachers, and givers.  It is vital to bring others along on this journey.  Modeling the way you want to live, allows others the mapping to see that they too can achieve potential.  So, why not learn from the amazing visionaries we come to know, or be the visionary that carries another?  Are you read to unleash your potential?

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