Finding your Identity and Sharing it is a way to Empowerment!



What do you believe in and stand for? These will help define identity, which will lead you to empowerment. Share what you know, take control of your life.  Others want to learn from you and what you get from the sharing, is far more wellness than you can imagine.  This all leads to a stronger identity.  This all matters, so start today.  Tell the world about who you are.


Claim Your Identity

It is up to you to claim your identity.  Decide what you believe in, what you stand for and what you are passionate about.  If you are not sure, try things.  Get uncomfortable, and then you will know you have begun some path of discovery.  It is only with discovery of self, others, and our world, that we can truly learn what we need to know about what really makes us tick.  What turns us on is vital to establishing identity.  Be proactive, this matters so that you can know who the person is you are about to love.  That person is you.


Find your way to empowerment!

If you know who you are and what you believe, you can share with others and become a leader in what you do know.  It only takes one person to start a belief system or to enlighten others to a new perspective, and this can lead to change within, and change in the world as we know it.  Did you realize that you are the one person who could lead to all this?  What do you know?  What do you want to share?  What do you hope to change.  Make it happen.  Few do this, but you can.


Take Control of Your Life!

We often think that our life is happening to us, when in reality, we can totally make our lives happen.  Take control by deciding what matters to you and acting upon it.  Give to charity, give someone a compliment, share knowledge you have, offer time you have, choose to tell your stories so other people can learn.  You may think your dark stories are shameful, they are not.  They are lessons others can be inspired by.  You may think your celebration stories are bragging, they are not.  They are reasons for others to motivate to a better place; they can provide hope.


Choices Lead to Changes!

It is easy to analyze what we do not have, or what we wish we had, or what others have that we so want to have.  Here is the thing:  you can choose to start being a leader, a believer, a motivator and a one who inspires.  It is about telling the truth, being real with what you have to say, keeping your intentions clean, and really wanting others to learn from you.  Powerful people share their power because they know it will not run out.  Smart people share knowledge because they know it will come back to them 10-fold.  Kind people choose to give because karma makes the world just right when giving is a choice, not a request.  Make a choice to take your power, share what you learn, and be kind.  The world will shift and you will witness your own magic.

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