Online Coaching Regarding Identity,
Sexuality and Esteem: What Can You Expect?

Linzi works with individuals, couples and all lifestyle choices so that they can explore what is their best option for a life they can truly love. She specializes in identity, self-esteem, sexuality,  LGBTQ-POLY, and the exploration of how to find self-love with whatever choices are right in your life and in your relationship(s).

You can work in person, by phone, through SKYPE and even email, and your confidentiality will be protected. Linzi offers a free consultation before you launch any work together to see if you feel the fit is natural, safe and “right” for you!

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Intimacy is often confused with sex. In fact, it is quite possible to have one without the other. True intimacy involves allowing your partner to see you in your most vulnerable state. Intimacy involves an emotional closeness with complete transparency. An intimate relationship allows you to be open and authentic about all of your feelings. Some emotions are easier to share than others. Intimacy is the raw truth of who you are. When we come together for sex with intimacy, we can achieve the deepest level of connection which allows for safety and trust; this is what enhances the sexual experience without us even realizing it. Sex without intimacy can be pleasurable and serve a purpose, but it can also leave you feeling vacant, alone or even remorseful.


There are incredible rewards when engaging in intimacy and sexual experiences, but let’s not forget that there are also significant risks. Have you inquired if your partner has now (or has ever had) an STD? How do you know if it is the truth? Should they get tested? How do you respond if a man says that condoms ruin the sexual experience for him? If you are using toys, do you know how to clean them? Did you know that different objects have unique cleansers? Did you know that using no cleansers could cause infection? The options and objects that may create the greatest and most invigorating rush for us sexually could also be the ones that present the highest risk. It is recommended that you explore, engage, discover, and experience all that you can sexually. This choice is healthy, and frankly, a BLAST! You must, however, use caution, and get education around what you are doing so that the playful and exciting options you choose (and toys you play with) take you on the greatest ride ever, but ensure that you are on a safe ride. Being open to new experiences can spur you both on to a sheet-clutching, toe-curling, teeth-clenching ride that you will be so glad you chose. Just put your seatbelt on. Be safe.

Better Relationships

We are missing much of what it is to go back to primal ways of being. Masculinity, femininity, chivalry, and nurturing are keys in how people can remain attracted to one another. We are so busy being equal that the atraction slips away. Read More About Relationship Counseling


Sex begins in the mind. When the mind is turned on, so is the body. Fantasy uses our imagination to excite and create amazing and innovative experiences to heighten desire that initiates passion. A simple article of clothing left on, rather than off, can create a fantasy of nobleman and gentry lady. How about leather boots and a riding crop? Can you almost smell the horses and leather! What if we role-play? We can be anyone and this can create an adrenaline rush that is quite memorable. Our sexual experiences should become memorable, and we may even want to crave the next new thing we can try. Why not? Maybe the neighbors will begin to talk? Desire creates a sense of urgency, even in long-term relationships. Our sense of boredom is all too common in relationships, so rather than allow fear or judgment get in the way, decide to explore, and embark on new terrain. You may like it, you may not, but it will lead you to places you have yet to go. Whether fetish is within your repartee or not, whispers, secrets touches, lingerie and “clothes-on sex” will always be remembered and maybe even associated with naughtiness.


While sex is something that you do, sexuality is woven into the fiber of who you are. It is at the core of our very being. How we feel about sex, our body and our experience will always play a significant role in each and every relationship. When we have high self-esteem, our approach to sex is far more open and our sexuality can be addressed with courage, bravery and truth. This leads to positive, respectful and healthy outcomes. When we don’t feel good about our bodies, genitalia and the way we look, our sexual experience can be tainted by negative feelings and self-limiting beliefs. Feeling comfortable and being able to access and offer genuine expression is the goal. The ability to meet this goal begins with understanding our body and exploring the specifics of what feels amazing, intoxicating and what doesn’t. Our communication about sex must uphold a standard of authenticity for us to be safe. The safer we feel, the more we can trust and that trust leads us right
back to self-esteem.


We can experience delight, joy and gratification in many ways. The feeling of fulfillment and happiness through sensual activity can be achieved alone or with another person. There are many products available to enhance your pleasure, prolong activity and intensify your experience. From specialty condoms, toys or sexy lingerie, your personal preference can change your experience from ho hum to humming! They say a diamond is a woman’s best friend, but some women admit that sex toys are their real bosom buddies. Whether you’ve dabbled in dildos or they know you by name, we will delve into intimate options and objects that make it worth replenishing your AA battery supply.


Everyone deserves the right to be free. Each of us can express whatever is the right sexual attitude and connection that matches our mind, body and spirit. Sexual expression, sexual identity, and sexual lifestyles are part of wiring and part of discovery by which we learn who we truly are. This discovery and execution of living with truth is how you find self-esteem and we all deserve to be our best selves, and make these independent choices. We should not be told who to be with, who we should love, or how to live; this steals our identity and diminishes our ability to reach our highest potential. Do not judge what you do not know, get curious, and certainly gather wisdom so others can be free to tell their truth and live with joy as life intended them to do.