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It can be so difficult to ask for help, right?

It is my belief that what keeps us from asking for some “coaching”, guidance, or just asking someone to truly help us through our vulnerability, is the fear of being judged; maybe it is even the belief that we could never be helped. Let me commit to you a safe space where compassion and non judgement are consistent and guaranteed….in an interactive-relationship counseling where we stimulate thoughts, ideas and feelings. I’m “in it” with you for conversation and guidance…journeying by your side. No matter how impossible it seems to shift the painful, confused state you are in, it is possible. You carry more keys than you realize. Let me help you unlock doors to inner peace, and the freedom to be you.

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Linzi Levinson

Client Profiles
"Linzi offered me a path to walk that led me to a better place in my marriage, my job and my self esteem"
Gretchen - California

Client Profiles
"I was in tremendous emotional pain. Linzi helped me to with the inner strength to face my boss and to start being recognized for my contributions"
Brandon - Pleasanton

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Linzi offers guidance as to achieving self-esteem. She is on #1 New York Station WOR710 and streams through IHeartRadio; this interview is with Joan Herrmann!

Stephen Farber, M.D.

I have recently come across a profound man and story that I will now be using his book in my practice. He has practiced Cardiology for 25 years and lost everything due to addiction. He lost more than he could have imagined possible, but as he has now been sober for seven years, he has never felt such strength. He is living in truth.

This is why this book is something I will use and can make available to you at a reduced rate. Please let me know if you would like to get a copy of Steven Farber’s “As Sick As Our Secrets”. It is a story of addiction, but it is about living without authenticity. Our society creates a wolrd where we are judged for being truthful, but we can lose eveything by just hiding the little things that somehow become monumental…often when it is late enough to have done significant damage.

I also have a multitude of reference materials based on whatever you are suffering from, so please do not hesitate to ask.

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