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It can be so difficult to ask for help, right?

It is my belief that what keeps us from asking for some “coaching”, guidance, or just asking someone to truly help us through our vulnerability, is the fear of being judged; maybe it is even the belief that we could never be helped. Let me commit to you a safe space where compassion and non judgement are consistent and guaranteed….in an interactive-relationship counseling where we stimulate thoughts, ideas and feelings. I’m “in it” with you for conversation and guidance…journeying by your side. No matter how impossible it seems to shift the painful, confused state you are in, it is possible. You carry more keys than you realize. Let me help you unlock doors to inner peace, and the freedom to be you.

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Linzi Levinson

Client Profiles
"Linzi offered me a path to walk that led me to a better place in my marriage, my job and my self esteem"
Gretchen - California

Client Profiles
"I was in tremendous emotional pain. Linzi helped me to with the inner strength to face my boss and to start being recognized for my contributions"
Brandon - Pleasanton

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Linzi's Life Secrets

Linzi offers guidance as to achieving self-esteem. She is on #1 New York Station WOR710 and streams through IHeartRadio; this interview is with Joan Herrmann!

These Are Linzi’s Life’s Secrets   

Giving does serve others, but the self-esteem we get by giving comes from the empowerment that we we have something to give.  It could be a good deed, financially, effort or even a smile.  If you have it to give, you become more valuable to others, but mostly to yourself.  That adrenaline rush of giving is how self-esteem and identity get built, and when you give, you learn yourself and your purpose in a way that offers clarity.  This can and will make for a far more satisfying life….   February 19, 2014


Linzi’s Life Secrets

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Hi, I am Linzi, and I want you to know that a SECRET can be found in every show that airs (a tip is that it is usually at the end)…please listen and take these down.

I would like to know if you would like a complimentary book of these SECRETS (and SECRETS that you have not heard) sent to you? Please contact me by calling the number here (925) 918-2547, or let me know on FB, and I will get in touch with you.

Thanks, Linzi.