Because searching for sexual products can be intimidating and even overwhelming, it is important that you choose to shop at a reliable store. Try to find a store that has a phone number, a return policy of some sort and customer service. Ideally, the less you “shop” the internet, the less those same kinds of items and adds will come back to your computer screen. You also want your confidentiality maintained. We did some research and wanted to offer you a positive option that provided a very positive experience for us. While we do not claim any ownership in the policies, practices and procedures of this site, when tested, we found the experience to be easy, fast, and reliable with what they offered and delivered. The selection was vast and the organization on the site, made for a fun and inviting way to shop. They do maintain confidentiality and they do provide service; they do have that phone number to call if you need it. Always remember to shop where you feel comfortable and safe. We did research and offer you this option to make your life easier; always do what feels right for you.

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