Showtime: April 9, 2014

The Healing in Contrasting Cultures. This Hour Is Filled With Stories And Experiences.

On Demand Broadcast

Mika Douglas

Mika Douglas is retired and is living in Renaca, Chile, a small beach community along the central Chilean coast, 180 kilometers from Santiago. Mika left the USA 7 years ago and has lived abroad with her husband, on the beaches in Southern Thailand and Bangkok. “Our objective was to live more simply and leave behind the everyday complexities inherent with living in North America. Mission accomplished.” Now she is involved in, a startup business that helps people retire to Chile by providing them assistance with immigration, healthcare, housing, language, and getting settled into a new culture. As we have experienced, having someone who can help with the myriad of questions and issues that arise with relocation, makes a huge difference in achieving a new “quality of life”. Formerly, Mika spent over thirty years working for “Corporate America” in Strategic Planning, Marketing and the Sales of products and services throughout Scandinavia, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Feel free to contact Mika Douglas regarding any question you may have about Thailand or Chile.  She will be happy to help if she can.