Showtime: December 3, 2014

Jane Langton

Jane Langton is a Certified Sexual Health Educator & Speaker. She is an advocate for access to relevant sexual health education and information across the lifespan. Jane loves facilitating extraordinary conversations in her private practice, locally and globally and is passionate about creating a comfortable and safe space for people to finally speak candidly about the most intimate and seemingly difficult topics, often for the first time.

She feels she’s never quite fit in so she utilizes her awkwardness (on the inside), warped sense of humor (a survival tool) and her leftover British accent, giving her the opportunity to boldly go where few have gone before. Her speaking engagements cover topics relating to sexual health, sexuality, dating and relationships, sex and aging, and her favorite topic, masturbation. Most recently she was invited to speak at TEDxSFU. Her talk “A Motion For Masturbation” which has reached 1 Million views!

She is always looking for more opportunities to speak about these topics. And, given the response she is now following up on her TEDx talk, and is currently working on her first documentary.”